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Vivian Tan

@vivianxyzt. She/Her. Vancouver, BC.

❝ Life is just a game. It's a mix of reality & fantasy.❞

I’m a neurodiverse, Gen Z Protagonist (ENFJ) teaching students and professionals to design their ideal selves within a game called life through branding, public speaking, and self-advocacy.

Vorpal Vivific is the universe I created for myself on Earth with a little magic and s t a r d u s t.

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My Availability • 2 weeks ago (WIP)

❝ I'm open to speaking and press opportunities, but my plate is full at the moment for coaching, writing, and volunteering requests. ❞

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What I'm Doing • 3 weeks ago (WIP)

  • Speaking at events to help & empower others via self-development

  • Making content about my life + advice

  • Writing works on Ao3, Quotev and Wattpad to unleash my creative side

  • Volunteering at The Global Spotlight and leading Student SEAS

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My Works • 3 weeks ago (WIP)

Wintercaerig (WIP)

Embark on a journey through a collection of poems, drabbles, short stories, and musings - a cold yet wonderous odyssey created in a chilly room all alone.


Escapism Error (WIP)

Where you, a lonely and depressed girl have always lived your life through escapism. Your third and final year of high school decides to change that, forcing your life to tear apart at the seams as you start to wobble on the delicate platform balancing your will to live.


Student SEAS

We transform students' lives by mobilizing, empowering, and educating a global community to unleash their full potential from within.


The Global Spotlight

The Global Spotlight is a grassroots youth group that shines a light on impactful stories to empower, educate, and enable youth to take action across the world.



(v.) to publicly support/suggests a cause or policy

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